Oct 09, 2017

I am delighted to preach on this 2nd Sunday to our young people. The Bible is so instructive as to how we should be kind to strangers and those who are different from our culture.

The 28th Chapter of Acts begins by saying that Paul and his fellow sailors found themselves shipwrecked on an island of Malta. Notice the unexpected kindness Paul and his shipmates were given by the people inhabiting the island.
Kindness is what believers should produce daily, especially against people who we don’t know. The people on that island that greeted Paul with joy, could have reacted negatively. After all, he and his party were strangers to them; spoke a different language. It would have been understandable if the natives had fought Paul and his company to leave, but instead of that, the natives built a fire for them because it was raining and cold.

Isn’t that how Jesus welcomed each of us young people? Thus, each of us has the capacity to emulate Christ and show kindness to strangers and friends alike. That is called letting your light shine.

Love and joy,
Pastor Dent