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FABC Online Giving

Sign up for ACS Access

Listed below are Very Important Reasons to Sign up for ACS Access. ACS is a program package you are paying for so why not utilize it to its fullest potential?

  1. Allows Members to update demographic information 24/7
  2. Change Address
  3. Change Telephone Number
  4. Add Family Members
  5. Add or Correct Birth Date
  6. Add email address
  7. View Church Calendar
  8. Access to Member Directory
  9. Receive Emails
  10. Donate On-line (If you choose to utilize this option)
    • No longer a need to write checks
    • You will be able to see your giving history immediately (YTD)
    • You will be able to set up recurring giving of your tithes and offerings and for special programs (Women's day, Men's Day, Church Anniversary) or if you are not able to attend church services you will have the ability to select the date you wish the transaction to take place.
    • Donating on line is an invaluable tool for the Trustee Ministry which will cut down on them having to process manual entries each week.

If you are interested in signing up for ACS ACCESS, click the Non-Members Button in red located on the right of this page and provide the information requested.  It is important to note that all information is confidential. You have the ability to show all or as little information about yourself once you select your personal privacy preference.